I standby freedom of speech in any form. I'd take a message :)


00:14 Tonight I actually see an anime doll in the mirror heh. #

04:37 1 Koko was okay; I'm not sure if I enjoyed myself or not but I know I tried. 2 I wish THE girls were with me. 3 I <3 kisses on my neck. #

05:14 I think I'm the one Soft Shocked this time; scary & nice at the same time. #

16:11 @elleashley hewo Ellie Berry :D Sho cute wor the name. #

16:24 Memang best layan sunshine, awan-awan, girly conversations with @hellokimmy, coffee & Phoenix. #

16:43 RT @drpoppy: koko asia pics are up on my fb n drpoppy.blogspot.com :)) #

16:57 Comfort zones such as these are really actually landmines in bed of roses. #

17:30 Mama, I'm Swollen rules now, move over Domestica heh. #

17:35 Which one would you go for? The smooth & effortless one or the who really tries hard & goes against his/her conventional ways for you? #

18:22 @burial to put it simply, chemistry: instant or built? #

18:24 Need attention? The quick but pathetic way to have it would be to change your DOB to today & see how these bday wishes flood your FB. Pffft. #

20:46 I don't wanna be associated with dodgyness; very erm dodgy. #

20:48 The Beatles at La Bodega <3 #

21:56 I'm very good with small talks; I just don't enjoy doing them. #

23:19 I won Scrabble yay :D #

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08:08 Awesome night out; awesome morning ;) #

08:50 Am out of creamer; layan black coffee today. Need creamer ASAP. #

09:03 How not to fucking love Broken Social Scene in the morning? I actually feel overwhelmed. #

09:19 RT @khairulnz: RT @jace_barret: Holy Shit, David Carradine is dead. #

09:31 Lover's Spit by BSC never fails to give me goose bumps. #

10:05 There really should be a 'forward' button for messages on Gossipville. #

10:29 @dzaniff it's like your popularity; when you gain followers and ppl liking & reblogging your posts, you gain tumblarity :) Got ranking also. #

10:40 Keane's Perfect Symmetry ain't as perfect as their previous two albums :( #

10:53 @dzaniff yeah there is a point system, check the number. But I'm not too sure of the calculation formula though. Jap I check. #

10:55 @echopunya ala takkan tak tau kot :p #

11:00 It's either I'm being too nice or I'm being hypocrite. Fuck I hate this feeling. #

11:06 Ex-boyfriend apologized for drunk-dialing me last night. #

11:48 I can't really cook or make anything fancy but I swear I make awesome comfort food ;) #

12:00 @dzaniff yes, and then ajar me. #

12:14 Photo: 梁山伯與祝英台 One of my favourite love stories of all time tumblr.com/xvc1yey3h #

12:51 So who the hell flashed me freakin middle finger(s) behind my back the other night? Up yours too. #

13:40 I've been hearing all these dodgy gossips about you and you kinda make me sick. #

14:45 Haha things like misusing the apostrophe and not knowing how to differentiate "you're" & "your" drive me nuts. #

15:10 @suffianr nice! Are they on your virb? #

15:28 @suffianr remember to upload them once they're fully done :) I loved your old stuff, they're spacey like me, heh. #

16:05 @sexaybeast I am known to be anal and thank you and this one I won't kena, heh. #

16:08 Tiu lei lou mei ar, lei sek si tai kah? mm koi lei siu sat lah, ngan yuen wei. #

16:16 @kongsetsfire ngo kang hai yao tuk shue lah, yau yan chai chan ngo tiu mei ngo hou lan mm song jek. #

16:41 @kongsetsfire @aletbahaya I think it's lat siu yok. Or siu yok, lat keh lou sai. #

16:49 @kongsetsfire @aletbahaya hamyee falam hou lan jeng wei. #

16:51 I cannot stand people being dodgy towards my friends; I'd spit at your face nicely. #

16:55 @suffianr reggae? Reggae DnB? I double must check em out then :) Cool. #

18:03 Goddamnit. I'm just waiting for you to say something dodgy now cz she jz said something totally feminine not long ago. Nevermind, bye. #

18:19 @pandamerv @hellokimmy he spelt Ferry Corsten's name wrongly wor. Korsten. Haha. #

21:56 Aku macam nak usha Koko tapi aku malas tapi aku macam nak usha Koko tapi aku malas. #

22:07 Sial ko jangan pau jam tangan aku plak. #

22:45 Nowadays people like to party on Sundays. The wet kind. #

23:11 @burnHAMburn @hellokimmy dia pose tak pose pun gua dah tangkap leleh. #

23:14 A dude jz called me on the phone & asked me if tonight on or not & I was like huh tak tau & turns out he got the wrong Sabrina. Memang best. #

23:25 Settled the battle; now go on be dodgy I'm not too worried anymore. #

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08:06 Back still hurts, this time like a motherfucker. #

08:46 Browsing through all this party pictures, one thing until today I still cannot accept is people wearing shades in clubs/raves!!! Kantoi wei! #

10:09 Edgy all over again. Must not let it stop me from eating. #

10:12 @kinson7 you're the only geek I know who claims to be a geek but actually not that geeky. Kinda irks me, how? #

10:28 @echopunya alamak. Tapi Justine tak muka out macam diorang yang poyo ni kan! Bukak shades bleh nampak mata rolling. Out sial. #

10:46 Tumblr makes me wet myself. Haha. Seriously though. #

10:58 @bawanee dumb blondes are never able to do the things you do, Masterina. Nuff said. #

10:59 @echopunya @justinecat korang dua-dua sangat cool :) #

11:16 "boifren, sila sayangi saya. jangan biarkan saya seperti anak kucing terbiar." -Syah. Cute sangat! #

11:34 I still wanna dreadlock my hair actually, but now macam dah takde purpose. #

12:01 @sexaybeast I'd take that advice but for some other matters of my life. Dreadlock see how :) #

12:09 I feel so bitchy now. I saw my friend's lovenote to his gf on Gossipville sangat sweet & I Liked it but I feel like correcting the grammar. #

12:23 @echopunya bcz I had one dreadlock last time courtesy of my ex but dia putus and then pastu we putus cinta also. Haha. #

12:30 @dzaniff @echopunya ORANGE! #

12:45 Domestica still rules!!!!! @burnHAMburn #

12:55 @pandamerv ditto. Fuck myspace wei now. #

13:34 @dzaniff yes, yes, yes & yes. That reminds me, I want cameras back. #

13:35 @dzaniff *I want my cameras back I meant. #

13:36 @burnHAMburn Mama, I'm Swollen is awesome too. #

13:39 @dzaniff yah I like disposable cameras too :) Cantik lah the colors, based on the ones I took last time lah. Fuckin easy to use also. #

14:04 @burnHAMburn tau takpe. And it's funny to finally see you in my replies column. Heh. #

14:08 Awesome mindfucking session is going on in my Tumblr, fuck contraception & bring on the foreplay. #

20:39 5 freaking hours to wait for miss @ejans siapkan rambut di saloon, FIVE hours! Anything for her sial. Serious. Gua sanggup sebab sayang. #

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00:42 But you're the cooler slut cz you're my slut. #

01:37 He wants to take a Joyride on my Ferris wheel. #

01:57 I happily changed my MSN profile pic because my brother thinks I looked really sad in it. I'm so happy now. #

09:19 I'm in love with my new morning songs. #

09:26 @sexaybeast wah I feel so excited now pass me your hard-disk I'd fill it up for you :D #

09:45 I guess following is the new stalking ;) #

10:15 "I'm not your late-night booty call; don't call me past 11pm." #

10:29 I dig men in suits. #

10:43 Cat Power memang power. #

10:47 Kalau dah karat, asah lah wei! #

11:05 A certain copywriter I know who writes in our national language jz kinda made the simplest grammar mistake on his comeback to me. Ahaha. #

11:40 In this case, santan harus diperah. DIPERAH, bukan di perah. #

12:11 Eh eh santan tu perah sikit-sikit sudah, banyak sangat tak elok untuk kesihatan minda. #

16:33 My back hurts like a bitch. Mahai. #

16:46 @hellokimmy you looked just fine babe. #

17:13 @sexaybeast you taught me well Master ;D #

17:15 Wah sial lah, kasi betis nak peha. #

17:22 @John_Tegjeu kalau orang offer peha baru ko amik. Kalau tak, duduk diam-diam makan betis. #

17:27 RT @xyberpunx: The guy I am now is not the guy I was then. If the guy I was then met the guy I am now he'd beat the shit out of me. Fact. #

17:35 @sexaybeast yah it is. Thank God takde like "kasi peha, nah amik buntut sekali". #

17:53 @xyberpunx hahaha. Retweet tu retweet ler aduh. Ko nak repeat ape yg aku ckp skang ni nanti ko RT ler. Paham bang? #

18:12 I need someone to help me crack my back badly. #

18:42 Something about sweaty men after they finished playing sports. Hotness. #

19:29 I might as well be a chemist. #

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00:21 @sexaybeast I'm waiting to be upgraded Master, jedi-fy me more. #

00:22 @steph_tly that's hot :p #

02:01 I need to cut my nails sial. #

02:14 5 x 2 (& above) = DANGER! #

02:54 It's like squeezing fat out of your skin. Gross. #

03:15 I just found out @john_tegjeu is a writer! How awesome is that :D #

16:40 lei chi mm chi lei ke yong hou hak yan chang ar? hou sam chiu har keng lor. #

16:48 I'm sorry I really feel like ptui at your face. Don't lah, gua dah lah tak cukup coffee hari ni. Sial lah. #

17:12 If only I could tag people on comments and etc at Gossipville. #

17:25 Alah fuck off lah kalau ko nak buat2 baik ngan aku padahal I know what you did last summer behind my back. #

17:56 Roll; fuck cone for while. #

18:06 Either way stoned is the only way to go; 'cept I roll so I rock better than you. I'm winning the bet I tell you. #

18:07 @pandamerv massive! Congrats dear. #

18:30 Photo: lovelymozzie Typically. tumblr.com/xvc1xi2cy #

18:53 Rupa tu tak penting, janji kena ada gaya. Bak kata Dunhill. #

19:32 DrPoppy is cooler than Cobrasnake! Or will be ;) www.drpoppy.blogspot.com/ #

19:51 Uploaded Kings of Leon's Only by the Night for a friend & the download link expires today, so people go download: senduit.com/734c1b #

20:14 Anni just bought 80 DVDs from Bandung. 80! Eighty!!!! #

20:27 @dzaniff my type too if I was gay. #

20:33 @dzaniff I think she's my type anyways, me gay or not. #

20:40 Apparently some people think I look Japanese! How refreshing is that. #

21:05 I'm telling you November babies are awesome okay <3 #

22:38 @art_isfie but being tanned is hot! #

22:43 I have an evil grin on right now ;) #

23:19 @sexaybeast and lots more okay!!!! #

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08:59 Up and about. A lot of stories. A lot. Like a lot. #

09:01 @natashaluisa we were somewhere over the rainbow. #

09:26 @justinecat who the fuck thinks er!m!n is candy? Sedap but bukan candy siut. #

09:28 @pandamerv says who you the oldest, got one more mah. Same age as you haha. #

09:47 I'm sorry but your boyfriend is a hypocrite asshole. #

09:59 I don't like!!!!!! #

10:22 It's like I haven't eaten for days. But memang pun, benda haram je masuk perut. #

10:46 I don't like friends-stealers. Fuck off. #

11:01 Theoramon is a funny wordsmith; he makes me laugh :D #

11:38 How to hail San Loo when San Loo doesn't want to be hailed? In terms of technology :p #

11:48 I say pop E and go on rides. #

11:51 I don't like you anymore San Loo. #

12:06 It's June! Where is Master aka @sexaybeast? #

12:30 You, the Soft Shock-ed one, are you gonna go on with the thread or not? #

12:37 @elleashley wah awesome! Didn't get to party with you though :( #

13:29 @elleashley nvm I see you soon okay babe ;) #

13:34 @John_Tegjeu testing your head :p Hope you enjoy Kings of Leon k, happy birthday John ;) #

13:40 I love it when the boys get together <3 #

14:36 @dzaniff whine away. #

14:56 OH EM GEE. #

15:04 I am a Tumblr addict now. #

15:35 @dzaniff I've been given the same compliment; the smoking one. #

15:39 @justinecat wow who? I love mysterious people. #

15:48 I wanna try loving poetry. #

16:00 @justinecat @khairulnz thanks! ;) #

16:46 It irks me to find out this 'gentleman' I know kisses & tells; and turns out the other one actually seems genuine. #

17:14 @nowamunkie calm down Nora, but jangan kena pijak kepala sudah. #

17:25 Bob Marley - NZ Interview 1979 bit.ly/kQLuo #

17:37 24 Hour KL! Awesome photos wei sites.klue.com.my/24hourkl/ #

17:57 Sexy is the new cute. #

21:47 @justinecat @burial well from my experience of late, being sexy can be very cute; but being cute isn't necessarily sexy though. Make sense? #

22:07 I'm telling you, geeks kalau tak poyo tak geek sial; poyoness is part of being a geek. In a good way okay :p #

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03:55 @azurabadcad oh yeah I do ;) I know you do too. Heh. #

03:57 Ratatat was pretty good but goddamn it the crowd was a sad one. My friends were a bunch of sad ones too, except HAIL SAN LOO. #

19:36 Last night's movie was called A Night with San Loo at Barsonic. #

20:01 Oh em gee. Afer just loves surprising me like this. Or may I say, shocking kinda surprise that makes me go alamak alamak giler sial. #

20:23 @azurabadcad don't bother. Buat buat tak tau. #

20:40 I love the fact that I could tumblr in between showers and smokes. #

21:18 Kidnapped ;) #

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08:57 Good morning yo. It's me saying good morning! Yay! #

10:28 I wanna play Scrabble. #

10:49 @fienuts D-I-T-T-O #

11:46 I smell like macaroni & cheese ewww. #

12:13 @burial what's a pretty hate machine? #

12:16 I'm glad you liked my mixtape cz I like it too ;) #


12:41 I can't believe I forgot how dodgy you are. #

13:12 I miss it too but not the way you miss it. You just make everything seem so dodgy. #

14:31 @sher1na I'd scream. #

14:32 Macam macam orang ada. #

15:08 Photo: ffffound: Sadly, true that. tumblr.com/xvc1vzi2w #

15:09 @azurabadcad I'm pissed about that too. #

15:20 @azurabadcad oh. Someone you know just pissed me off by being his dodgy-self. #

16:18 I think happy people are usually fat. #

16:19 @justinecat damn out wei. #

17:55 @justinecat I just tumblr-ed that too! #

17:59 I'm singing out loud at Starbucks wtf. #

18:01 Call me when you see this @natashaluisa, urgent. #

18:20 @echopunya on the Internet? ;) #

18:25 @kongsetsfire why not? Got single hot chicas with me. #

18:39 I don't get guys who walk like girls; even if you're gay. #

21:27 What's this with everyone wanting to get laid? #

21:34 "To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart." - Jengjengjeng. #

21:41 @khairulnz all hail @danny999! I'm following him. #

21:50 Eh cepat lah @natashaluisa, @hellokimmy taknak gi lambat sangat and I'm getting too edgy already. CEPAT! #

22:04 Can someone help me with this: Ritalin + alcohol = ? #

22:49 @hellokimmy too many diff opnions, I dunno which one to ikut. And you get well soon woman! The dancefloor needs you. #

22:49 @justinecat can. #

22:50 Kelembapan yang melampau membakar jiwaku dengan secara haram. #

23:13 Wah sedapnye blueberry doriyaki makanan Doraemon. #

23:20 Male chauvinism is a huge turn-off. #

23:30 I think I have a new favo font(s). #

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00:41 RT @pandamerv: Did u know, modern paper shredders can shred CDs? #

00:54 Sickeningly brilliant! Think someone already tweeted this but I don't rmb who batteriesfeelincluded.blogspot.com/2009/05/309.html #

01:20 Wah. Metric. Wah. #

02:46 I think I'm allergic to that white powder. #

03:45 @remyjmusic ooh charming. Have fun be safe yo whatever you do ;) #

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